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before i cross my heart and hope to die at all
take off my mask and leave the lies to the liars
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17th-Sep-2005 04:35 pm - *side note*
Ville Valo of HIM (stolen)
im not continuing the To The End Story in my LJ anymore. No one was reading it anyway. I just dont feel like it and I dont have the time. I love you all though, I hope you know and I really appreciate your patience. <3
Ville Valo of HIM (stolen)

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Ville Valo of HIM (stolen)
um heres more story, though i really dont feel like typing it up. grrrrrrrr. PLEASE COMMENT!:

Bert turned Gerard over and began kissing his back, rolling his tongue over his smooth skin. Bert licked his fore and middle finger before sticking them into Gerard, making him wet.
Gerard moaned slightly, closing his eyes.
Bert then pulled Gerards body to him. Connected, Bert moved Gerard to the floor. In and then back out of Gerard's body went Bert, the speed, force and passion increasing.Harder he pushed himself int Gerard.
Sweat beaded on Gerard's forehead as well as the rest of his body.
Faster and faster, their movement like a syncronized dance.
Bert felt himself on the edge of breaking. He pulled himself out of Gerard before leaking the white sticky liquid onto the floor.
Gerard began to bleed.
"This is your first time isnt it?... I mean with a guy." Bert was impressed with his work.
Gerard nodded, laying on the floor, his body looking dead and limp, bleeding. He tried to stand but then fell back onto the cold hard ground.
"I'm pretty sure that I cant walk." Gerard looked up at Bert, who was dressing, looking so cute and innocent.
"Hmmm... well I guess I'll have to carry you." Bert helped Gerard off the floor and lifted him up onto the desk. Bert dressed Gerard, being gentle with his sore limbs. He whiped up the cum on the floor with a wet rag he had found in the closet, before carrying Gerard on his back, out the door.


.::There's still more to come. (I havent even typed up one sixth of the story yet!)It's just that I have other things to tend to right now, with school starting back up tomorrow and all. I apologize that i write in such short portions. Next time, I swear, I'll write a big sum of the story. I love you <3.::.
Ville Valo of HIM (stolen)
lala school sux major monkey ball saks but..... itll be ok cos im coming back to school in style. i got HIM, afi, mcr, the used, KISS, ac/dc tee shirts as well as some pants, and an afi and HIM hoodie. *.* roxor = my life, though im hardly aloud to hang out with joci anymore *sob sob sniff sniff*
anyhow... ehh i dont have time tonight to update my bert/gerard frank/mikey story. sorry. but no one's commenting anyway so it seems like no one's interested. why do i bother writing it if no one is gonna tell me how they like my story so far? sighs. ill do it any way just because im cool. ^-^ and also... i havent had sleep in over 24 hours so bare with me. itll pay of really! >_> byes .::.Hime aka Sarah.::.
Ville Valo of HIM (stolen)
lyrics from Queen. ^ >.<
im so sorry for leaving everybody hanging in my story... but i gotta keep you coming back for more! (plus i type slow and get tired really quickly.) this is for yu guys so please be patient. i love you all. lalala i hope you enjoyed it so far tho. *winks* more is coming, i promise! PLEASE COMMENT!?
20th-Aug-2005 08:30 pm - more story!
Ville Valo of HIM (stolen)

my story continues....

He turned his head to gaze at Bert, who was too, laughing at the sight Frank trying to break out of the mob of obsessed fans. Bert then realized he was being watched by Gerard so he turned his head, metting his eyes with Gerard's.

It seemed like hours, the two of themsiboth trying to figure out what the other was thinking.

Bert took Gerard's hand into his and leaned forward to whisper in his ear, "You wanna go some place where we can be alone?"

Gerard nodded.

Hand in hand, Bert and Gerard left the room, not knowing the observation taking place by Frank.

Frank breathed deeply through his nose, as if he was an enraged bull. "Get off me, please!" He yelled at the fans that were holding onto him.

Their manager saw the discomfort of Frank as well as the other band members. "Alright, that's enough. You've spent enough time with the band. It's time to leave." He escorted the people out of the room, closing the door behind him.

Frank sat on the couch, burrying his face in his hands. He thought about what had happened.

"Why did I react that way?" he thought to himself. "I should be happy for them.... so why am I feeling this uncontrolled sadness in the pit of my stomache? I couldn't be jealous, could I? I mean... Gerard. He's just my best friend.... a band mate."

He sunk his head to his knees, wrapping his hands around his neck.

Meanwhile, Bert pulled Gerard around and along the crowded corridors, trying to find a room where they would be bothered by no one.

Then, they came across a small and dusty supply closet.

"It'll do," Bert blurted out before pulling Gerard into the cramped cubicle.

After closing the door, Gerard turned to find his lips against Bert's. He closed his eyes, letting his yearning for Bert to take over him.

He grasped the back of Bert's neck with hand, with the other hand unbottoning his own black velvet blazer.

Bert began pulling his own pants down and then off.

Gerard opened his eyes to find his love in just his underwear, snickering at the sight. "Briefs?" he poked fun at Bert before taking off his own clothes.

Bert continued to undress himself.

Both men stood naked, admiring each other's bodies.

Bert approached Gerard and then wrapped his arms around him.

Gerard shuddered, Berts cold body against his.

Bert guided Gerard toward an old wooden desk, where he leaned him against it and then began caressing Gerard with kisses. On his neck and down his chest, licking his pale skin. He then came back up to meet Gerard's lips once again. He pushed his warm tongue into into Gerard's mouth, sucking on his mouth and massaging his tongue rapidly.

Gerard breathed out deeply in relief, knowing he was about to get what he always wanted.

16th-Aug-2005 04:59 pm - hyper hime-chan
Ville Valo of HIM (stolen)

when all else fails.... MOSH!

weve been slaves to this love from the moment we touched. we keep begging for more of this ressurection.

my new bert/gerard layout for my xanga @ www.xanga.com/villedaveygerard

please comment. i feel unloved from comment lackage. comment on my story or on my layout, etc. please make hime feel better. ^.^

16th-Aug-2005 04:50 pm - story!!!!
Ville Valo of HIM (stolen)
huggles everyone. my story has been finished awhile now and im gradualing posting it here on my livejournal. i hope you all enjoy. ill post a part of the story everytime im online. sorry to keep you waiting. im so cruel, i know. its about gerard/bert and frank/gerard and frank/mikey so its totally juicy stuff. stay cool, everyone and rock out with your cock out... that is if you have a cock anyway... lol. byes ^.^
16th-Aug-2005 03:47 pm(no subject)
Ville Valo of HIM (stolen)
To The End
by: Hime Sengai

Walking off stage at the end of a show, Gerard could only think of one person; Bert.
He was curious if Bert had made the concert, which he had promised that he'd try. He kept walking, until her met the door of the backstage room. He opened it to find the backstage pass winners as well as Bert, sitting on a worn sofa, a smile sweetly spread across his face. There were four of them, screaming at Gerard as well as tugging furiously at his garments.
"You were great!" one of the teens said, eyes almost tearing from joy.
"I'm your biggest fan!" one wailed.
Gerard sat down next to Bert, propping his elbow up on his mates shoulder. By that time, the rest of My Chemical Romance was was entering the room. The crazed fans found refuge in this and then started their attack on the other four men.
Gerard kind of giggled at the sight of his friends being mauled by teenage fan girls. Just then, all sound an movements from the others were blocked out of Gerard's mind. The only person her wanted to have his full attention on was the man sitting next to him.

(ill continue later...)
15th-Aug-2005 10:22 pm(no subject)
Ville Valo of HIM (stolen)
i hope that everything will turn out alright with me and joci. im just waiting to see what happens with it all. *sobs* i miss the hell outta that girl and i hope that we will be able to hang out still. im really really depressed without my spazz buddy. thank god that bams alright, but it sure sux that theres no more viva la bam. *sniff* but yes im going bday and school shopping this weekend. yay! my bday is sunday....! cant wait. im getting a whole buncha stuff from hottopic. but neways. ill be talking to you later because im depressed and i dont feel like typing anymore.
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